Subversion, Vendor Branches, and

Yesterday, I started work on a project to upgrade the BU CMS to version 3.1.x of WordPress. We follow the vendor branch setup for handling vendor drops as suggested in the Subversion book. Unfortunately, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.6) does not ship with the additional subversion tools installed, specifically After doing a bit of hunting, I came across a support document for Drupal that pointed me in the right direction.

1. Download the source code for svn_load_dirs.

svn co svn_load_dirs

2. Move to a bin directory and rename to

mv svn_load_dirs/ ~/bin/

3. Because we will not be building subversion from source, we need to edit the script and replace

my $svn = '@SVN_BINDIR@/svn';


 my $svn = '/usr/bin/svn';

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